Mechanical Contractors

We Service Saskatchewan, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario & British Columbia.

Looking for “contractors near me”? We’re close by! As our name suggests, we are proud to service all Western Canada. We are a Western Canadian business, helping Western Canadian businesses.

We have offices in Saskatoon, SK (our head office) and Edmonton, AB. We also send mechanical teams to projects based in BC and MB.

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Mechanical Contractors Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan has a big bragging list of ‘firsts’ for a province in Canada – and we’d like to add one more. We are leading the way in the mechanical contract industry. We are big on helping and supporting our fellow SK businesses! Our head office is located in Saskatoon, SK and we are proud members of the Saskatoon Construction Association (SCA).

We have been in business since 2005 with a solid background of industry experience and we know how to deliver value to you, our customers. 

We know what you need and we are happy to meet those needs!

Mechanical Contractors Alberta

We have an office in Edmonton, AB and we are thrilled to be here! Alberta is one of the fastest growing provinces and we are proud to be part of the growth. We are also a member of the Edmonton Construction Association.

As one of the leading mechanical contractors in the industry, we have built an experienced and reliable team. We have project managers, on-site supervisors, journeymen and apprentices who understand a project’s needs and constraints, and who do things right the first time. We understand that you are on a schedule and we aim to work right alongside you in meeting your deadlines.

Mechanical Contractors Bristish Columbia

The slogan on BC’s coat of arms proudly states, “Splendour without Diminishment.” It makes sense since British Columbia is known for its natural beauty and also for its growth! We pride ourselves on being part of many exciting projects in the province.

The many jobs of a mechanical contractor, each demand careful considerations to ensure that quality is maintained. It is essential that the project is well thought through and that the mechanical contractor is flexible to the changing needs of the site. When hiring Pro-Western Mechanical, quality is guaranteed.

Mechanical Contractors Manitoba

Manitoba, the friendly province. It is a pleasure to work in because it matches who we are! When you hire Pro-Western Mechanical, friendly professionals will arrive ready to create and work. We don’t have a Manitoban office but we are in MB just the same. We wouldn’t ask you to come to us anyways. A phone call is all that’s needed. We will come to you, not the other way around.

We believe in the importance of staying within the budget and staying on a schedule. We would expect that as a business – why shouldn’t you? Customer service is our top priority. Hire us and you’ll see!

Mechanical Contractors Ontario