Career Descriptions

Project Manager

Our project managers thrive in a fast paced environment. They are the contact point between the client and our trades to ensure things run smoothly. They schedule manpower, coordinate material, review work orders and coordinate inspections. They are detail oriented and work with the mechanical drawings to build specification books for the project. They are always planning ahead to identify and resolve issues and conflicts as well as manage project dependencies and critical path items. They work well with people and work hard to develop strong relations both internally and with the project owner or general contractor because they know that relationship is vital to the success of the project.


Our purchasing manger is the critical link in ensuring we have the right supplies to do the right job at the right time. This role evaluates and selects the vendors of the materials and equipment that we install. Working with a client’s specifications, they source the best priced, quality materials for the project. They also manage the supply chain including purchase orders, invoices and budgets.

Quality Control

Our quality control personnel is there from rough in to firing of appliances and after the project is complete. They work with the owner or general contractor to ensure that any deficiencies or warranty issues are resolved quickly and painlessly. Customer satisfaction is essential for both our reputation and our peace of mind.


As a COR certified company, our Saftey Manager ensures that our trades and staff are trained and ready to work using safe work practices. Developed in accordance with industry standards and occupational health and safety regulations, our safety program is part of our core business. The manager plays a vital role in hands on training, reporting and developing safe work standards. They are responsible for promoting a culture of safety throughout all levels of the company from the owner to the project managers to the site superintendents, foremen, journeymen, apprentices and office staff.

Administration & Accounting

Administration and accounting keeps our office running smoothly. From a financial standpoint, this area handles accounts receivable, accounts payable and payroll, and project progress billing. It also coordinates the apprentice program, WCB certification requirements and insurance needs. 



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