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There are things that a mechanical contractor can do early in the job to help coordinate between other trades, helping the project go smoother and reducing costly change orders. At Pro-Western, we strive to identify these opportunities up front, reducing frustration later in the project.

We review the construction schedule, assess potential constraints, and figure out how to deliver what they want to achieve. We want to be known as the contractor who is going to get the project done on time. We know that construction schedules can be aggressive and sometimes problems will occur. We like to plan for these unforeseen circumstances and then move quickly to solve problems when they come up. This way the project owner or general contractor is never left second guessing who has the ball.

Our Workflow
With a scalable workforce, Pro-Western Mechanical Ltd.can mobilize its crews with minimal notice. At the beginning of each contract, an experienced project manager is assigned, ensuring a single contact point for the project owner or general contractor. Not only do projects flow smoother and faster with one liaison but risks and issues are identified early. The project manager will also look at the project and break it down into its component parts. It is at this time that the project manager will identify coordination issues between other contractors, map out site logistics and identify the issues that will cause delays or rework for the project contractors.
Our Standards
Quality is taken seriously at Pro-Western Mechanical Ltd.. Everyday we strive to produce more value for the customer by reducing waste on site and in the shop. We do this by incorporating the field learnings back into the scheduling and planning of our jobs. Each one of our employees is tasked to do things better each time and improve the quality to our customer. This translates to more competitive pricing, faster completion of the project and better overall quality to the customer.
Pro-Western is also committed to a quality standard of continuous improvement after each job. Each time something doesn't go as expected, the Pro-Western project manager will update the standards to reflect the learnings from the incident. Just because most of our work will eventually be hidden behind the walls, doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter. In fact it is even more crucial that it is done right the first time to eliminate service disruption to the end customer.
Project Turnover
Pro-Western Mechanical Ltd. understands that a project’s turnover is just as important as its execution. When the project is turned over to the project owner or general contractor we meet with the client to ensure that they understand the mechanical systems that have been installed. The walk through covers start up procedures, maintenance manuals, required service of appliances, orientation on tasks like how to change a filter as well as dates and times when the last maintenance was done.
Our Warranty
Pro-Western Mechanical Ltd. stands behind our workmanship. We provide a one year standard limited warranty on our material, parts and workmanship. Our philosophy is that we are only as good as our weakest link - meaning that the project is only successful if all stakeholder needs are met. Team work, communication and coordination are key on every job site.
Our Commitment to Safety
As a COR certified company, safety is more than just a program at Pro-Western Mechanical Ltd., it’s part of our culture. Our safety manager ensures that our trades and staff are trained and ready to work using safe work practices. We believe in doing things right the first time and we are working to create an employee culture that cares about being responsible for the prevention of accidents and contributing to safe work practice. Mutual accountability and respect is key. We teach our staff that safety is their core responsibility both on and off the job. We want to ensure they also get home safe. Just because the safety manager isn’t watching, doesn’t mean they are not accountable for the safety of themselves, their coworkers and the surrounding environment.
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Pro-Western Mechanical Ltd. has built a team of experienced, reliable project managers, on-site supervisors,  journeymen and apprentices who are committed to understanding a project’s needs and constraints, doing things right the first time, and constant improvement.


Pro-Western Mechanical strive to be the best in safety, value, quality, response, schedule and performance. 

Our success is the result of our ability to establish and sustain long-term client relationships.

Our Team

Pro-Western Mechanical Ltd. offers a dynamic, engaged workforce. You can expect professionals that are ready to solve problems and come up with creative solutions to the problems that are found in the construction world. Pro-Western also ensures that journeymen employees will be present on all jobs and ensures that quality workmanship is delivered on all work.

Shaun Gardner, PCL Construction
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