About Pro-Western Mechanical

Operating since 2005 with a solid background of industry experience, we know how to deliver value to our
We credit communication and a focus on relationships as the underlying principle of finishing
projects on time and budget

Pro-Western Mechanical Ltd. has built a team of experienced, reliable project managers, on-site supervisors,
journeymen and apprentices who are committed to understanding a project’s needs and constraints, doing things
right the first time, and constant improvement.  
Pro-Western Mechanical Ltd. has evolved its business from a focus
in multi-family residential construction to service all commercial and institutional construction projects.

Our Approach

In today’s construction world deadlines are everything. In many cases, there are things that a mechanical contractor can do early in the job to help coordinate between other trades, helping the project go smoother and reducing costly change orders. At Pro-Western, we strive to identify these opportunities up front, reducing frustration later in the project.

Once we’re awarded a contract, we work with the project owner or general contractor to understand their needs. We review the construction schedule, assess potential constraints, and figure out how to deliver what they want to achieve. We want to be known as the contractor who is going to get the project done on time. We know that construction schedules can be aggressive and sometimes problems will occur. We like to plan for these unforeseen circumstances and then move quickly to solve problems when they come up. This way the project owner or general contractor is never left second guessing who has the ball.

The mechanical contractor is one of the first trades to enter a job site and one of the last to leave. We are involved in every step of construction from coordinating with the concrete or preform contractor to ensure penetrations are properly located, to working with the site superintendent to ensure that the site services are coming into the building in the correct location, to installing fixtures and setting toilets, to commissioning the air conditioning system. The sheer variety of work handled as part of the mechanical contract takes many different considerations to ensure that quality is maintained. It is essential that the project is well thought through and that the mechanical contractor is flexible to the changing needs of the site. At Pro-Western Mechanical Ltd. we are committed to providing mechanical systems that are seamless even through the multiple mechanical sub-trades involved during a project cycle.

Our Team

Pro-Western Mechanical Ltd. offers a dynamic, engaged workforce. You can expect professionals that are ready to solve problems and come up with creative solutions to the problems that are found in the construction world. Pro-Western also ensures that journeymen employees will be present on all jobs and ensures that quality workmanship is delivered on all work.